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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a free trial package of 100 emails. You will only need to provide us your email address, prospect email list, and initial cold email pitch. Your manual email sender will handle the rest.

We guaranteed that your emails will be delivered to your prospect’s inbox and that you will get real, authentic replies from them. After our initial cold email, closing the sale is dependent on you and your email marketing strategy.

We strongly recommend using G Suite accounts as these email accounts are much more trusted by Google. G Suite accounts are much more effective than regular Gmail accounts when cold emailing.

Personally, we don’t recommend using your own personal domain to send cold emails with. Instead, we recommend using similar business domains to send cold emails. If you contact us, we can walk you through this process.

Email addresses may need to go through a “warm up” phase depending on email trust score and how new the account is. If your email manager decides this is necessary, we will warm up your email address for a small one time fee.

The only things we need from you are your email address, prospect email list, and initial cold email pitch. If we finish sending emails to your prospect list, we’ll be reaching out to you.

Yes, we’re able to provide our scraping services for an additional cost.

Sending emails manually is the most effective way to safely deliver emails to your prospect’s inbox. Automated cold emailing services risk harming your domain reputation and causing your emails to land in spam.

Yes, we do! Please contact us and let us know how many emails you want to send. We’ll review your information and offer you a custom quote.

Yes, we do! If you have more than 5 email addresses you would like us to manage, please contact us & ask for agency pricing!

Yes, we do! If you contact us and let us know which client you recommended to our services!

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